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I am a child of God. I am one with God.

God is! I have not heard Your voice in the murmur of the clouds; I have not seen visions of You in my waking hours; I have not felt Your all-transforming touch but this I know, You are.

I know that Your Light surrounds me, that Your Love envelops me, that Your Power protects me and that Your Presence watches over me always. In countless ways, everyday, I realize that I am not alone, that You are with me.

The longer I live, the more I understand that nothing happens by chance in Your universe or our lives. As I look back, I see how Your Hand guided me at every step and I thank You for Your unconditional love and unceasing blessings.

All I need to do is to stay in touch with You. How? By reminding myself during the day, as often as possible, that You are with me. By relating all I do, with You.

When I see the sunrise, it is Your painting; when I eat food, it is Your power that digests; when I express love to my family, it is Your warmth that comforts; when I work, it is Your intelligence that performs; when I watch TV, it is Your energy that is harnessed.

During the busiest hours I stop for a moment and recall that You are with me. When I have moments of leisure, I share the time with You, talking to You as to my closest friend. This I do for I know God is.

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The Prayer for Protection By James Dillet Freeman

Nothing happens by accident in God’s universe or our lives.

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“The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that commentating scholars busy themselves over for generations,” … “Endless literary controversy is for sluggard minds. What more liberating thought than ‘God is’nay, ‘God’?” Chapter 12, Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda.

What most people call thinking is what I call the recycled conditioning of society. Authentic thinking comes from inspiration. The Japanese have a word for thinking, kamkuru, which means “to return to the realm of God.” To me, God is the source of inspiration, and therefore the cause of genuine thinking. – Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

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Today is the best day of my life.

The_Perfect_DayThe perfect day is today, not tomorrow or yesterday.

As I open my eyes to today, I quietly close them again and surcharge myself by breathing deeply a few times, relishing each breath fully. My first thoughts I choose carefully for they set the tone and tenor of the day. I begin with affirmations of gratitude and joy for the key to the perfect day is within me.

I thank the ‘power’ for granting me another sunrise, while millions will watch it no more; for the throbbing heart, while a million others will beat no more. My first thoughts will affirm and rejoice in celebration of being alive. And I get out of bed feeling within me positive emotions of peace, or love or joy or confidence or security.

I gift hugs to my family and each hug bonds us stronger. By giving love, I receive happiness that will surround me during the day, enfold me while I work, protect me as I take risks and watch over me on my return home.

Carrying the portable paradise within, I walk into the day. I move forward calmly active and actively calm, knowing that I am in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and am guided from within.

As I drive to work, every other vehicle is an opportunity to perfect my day, to practice peace and love. I bless each one of them. At traffic lights, as I wait, I affirm loving thoughts reminding myself of the wisdom, power and beauty that lie within me.

I meet everybody and every circumstance with the courage of a hero and the smile of a conqueror. I fill a few seconds at different times of the day with the magic potion of positive self-talk.

I work briskly, quickly, speedily, swiftly, promptly but never hurriedly or hastily. I bless everyone who comes into my day with a simple ‘I bless you’ for who can resist love and goodwill.

As I retire at the end of the day, I recall what I did or did not do or should have done. I introspect objectively, for self-analysis is the key to self-improvement. The positives I reinforce, the negatives I correct.

And how shall I know I lived a perfect day? I shall measure it on the motto: Be Better. If I am better at the end of the day – a little or a lot- I know I have lived a perfect day.

Thus shall I perfect my day and others will soon say, “What a wonderful change has come over him!”

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The Prayer of Protection: “The Light of God surrounds Us,The Love of God enfolds Us, The Power of God protects Us, and the Presence of God watches over Us, Where ever we are God is! And all is well!” written by James Dillet Freeman

We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth – Virginia Satir, family therapist

How Hugs are Proven to Help Your Health: Have You Been Hugged Today? a study by University of North Carolina researchers

Have You Hugged Anyone Lately? by Praveen Chopra

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This day I will make the best day of my life. This day I will drink every minute to its full. I will savor its taste and give thanks. I will maketh every hour count and each minute I will trade only for something of value. I will labor harder than ever before and push my muscles until they cry for relief, and then I will continue. I will make more calls than ever before. I will sell more goods than ever before. I will earn more gold than ever before. Each minute of today will be more fruitful than hours of yesterday. I will live this day as if it is my last. And if it is not, I shall fall to my knees and give thanks.- Og Mandino, Scroll VI, The Greatest Salesman in the World

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