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My thoughts are mental magnets.

Every law in the Universe is mathematical in nature. The results are guaranteed, if the application is correct. So with the Law of Attraction.

I realize that my thoughts and feelings* are my greatest tools in applying the Law of Attraction to chisel my destiny and craft my life. The people in my life, I have drawn; the circumstances around me, I have manifested; the place I am currently in, I have attracted; the joy in my life, I have pulled; the success, I have invited.

I understand that I attract according to the intensity of my thoughts and feelings. As such, I think positive thoughts and nurture positive feelings.

And the most positive of all thoughts is the thought of God. I fill my mind with His words: words of hope, words of faith, words of love, words of success. My mind is magnetized with His vibration and all good things come to me.

And the strongest of all feelings is the Joy of God. I saturate myself with His joyous Presence through prayer, meditation, recalling His blessings and through serving His children.

Once I affirm God in my mind and heart, the Law of Attraction fulfills my heart’s every desire. I am contented.


* Attracting desirable conditions like a Magnet with our emotionalized, focused thoughts is easier than constant efforts at manipulating the outside world. Do you look in the mirror and wait for your reflection to smile? No, you smile and the reflection returns it. It’s how Reality works. Change who you are first, and this becomes your world. http://www.scienceofrealitycreation.com/


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