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I am always at the right age for I choose to grow up.

I realize that at every stage in life, I am at the prefect age. This, because I can be at a particular age only once. I may have been younger in the past. I may be older in the future. But now, as I am, I am at the right age. I lovingly acknowledge it and move forward.

I understand that age can add value or it can hold one back. It is a choice we make. I choose not to let my age limit me in any way. I choose to make it serve me as I travel on the highway of life.

I know, from the wisdom of the ages, that I cannot avoid growing old. Neither could Buddha nor Krishna nor Moses nor Christ. However, growing up is a decision we take. And I resolve to grow up.

But what is growing up? Growing up is about being directed by the mind, heart and spirit. It is about our quest to learn, our openness to love and our passion to pursue happiness. Growing up is about celebrating life with the right mix of a kid’s wonder and an adult’s wisdom.

And so my mind shall drink from the fountain of knowledge, my heart will feast on ambrosia of love and my spirit shall soar in the skies of ever-new joy.

And I shall keep growing up till the end of life!

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“The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes.  That’s the day we truly grow up.”  – John Maxwell

“Growing up is never easy to do.  Some days you feel happy and carefree, and others you feel sad.  Some days you feel confident and self-assured, and other days you feel unsure.  Life can seem upside down, because you’re changing so quickly, but your life is made up of what you believe about yourself. Believe in your ability to succeed, and you will.  Believe in your ability to meet every difficult challenge, and you will.  Believe in your ability to give and receive love, and you will.  Believe in yourself.  You are a wonderful, unique person who is beginning to find out what the world is about and searching your place in it.  Have patience with yourself and love yourself.  Growing up isn’t easy, but you’ll make it.”  – Donna Levine

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I exercise my power of choice. I choose freedom.


I am free neither in the past nor am I free in the future. My freedom is in the now. It is in the present. And no one can ever take away my freedom. Neither can anyone grant me freedom. For freedom is in my very nature. It is a part of me.

I may not have eternity in my hands but the sixty seconds I have, I am free to use them or lose them. I may not possess the wealth of the earth but I know that I have  free access to earth’s greatest treasure that lies in human personality**.

I may not be able to control the events that happen in my life or to me but I have the freedom to choose what I do with them. I may be bruised, battered or broken, maimed, mangled or mutilated, shackled, shocked or shot but this I know that it is possible to find freedom within oneself.

I know that my freedom is founded on the choices I make. I am therefore conscious that at every moment I am free to choose either a course of action or a decision or an emotion or a response. The choice I make is the price I pay for my freedom.

I have learned that none but I chain myself, that none but I free myself. I now understand that true freedom is the light of the soul. It always exists. All I need to do is to remind myself of it unceasingly.

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Freedom to Grow Up

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There is always a price to be paid for Freedom, / but when the price becomes too high, a man must fight.Freedom Poem by Ron Carnell

From the creed of the Junior Chamber International : “We believe: That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life; That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations; That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise; That government should be of laws rather than of men; That earth’s great treasure lies in human personality; And that service to humanity is the best work of life.”

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Inspired by the writings of Jacques Lusseyran, the Blind Hero of the French Resistance: And There Was Light and Against the Pollution of the I. His autobiography, And There Was Light was selected as one of USA Today’s 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Century, this astonishing autobiography tells the gripping, heroic story of the early life of Jacques Lusseyran, an inspiring individual who overcame the limitations of physical blindness by attending — literally — to the light within his own mind. Through faith in the connection between vivid inner sight and outer events, he became a leader in the French Resistance and survived the horrors at Buchenwald.

Freedom is like birth. Till we are fully free, we are slaves…Freedom of the individual is at the root of all progress. – Mahatma Gandhi

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